Watch Siren Guarding

  • Our security officers are alert during the duty period as anything which happens due to their carelessness – they will be fined and have to be responsible for the damages or serious consequences.
  • Security Officers will make sure that they do not smoke on these Premises causing smoke detectors etc. to go off.
  • Security Officers will switch off all electrical appliances as soon as any sirens sound.
  • They will be responsible to guide all public to emergency exits.
  • The Officers will also check the building for any people trapped inside before help arrives.
  • Nobody should be allowed to enter the premises during an emergency.
  • The Officers will switch off the main electric current and remove all inflammable products.
  • If the fire has already started the security officers to stop or prevent the fire from spreading further until the fire department arrives will use the manual fire extinguishers, which are provided on the site.